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gun insued. during the struggle the gunfired a bullet into a wall. fortunately, no one was hurt either by the weapon or by pepper spray that the officer discharged in an aterm to subdue the prisoner. it was not a successful attempt he was subdued when officers response to the scene to provide support. >> now, how or why the prisoner had a needle or where it came from is still under investigation. the hospital again, is not accepting e.r. patients. all of the patients and staff who are already there have been moved to another section of the hospital in order for detectives to process the scene. no one was hurt in the officer-involved shooting here at st. joseph medical center. >> as for our our ore big stores
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bad news for victims of superstorm sandy. >> fema has given a thunderstorms down to individual assistance here. lowell mesler joins us with more. >> this announcement by fema and the obama administration is receiving shock by all elected officials in maryland. earlier today on capitol hill senators pleaded once again with the fema director for help. >> come down from national geographic to take pictures how clean we are. they want to hear the songs. right now we're singing the blues and we're singing them loud and clear and we're singing them here. >> the senator speaks wednesday at a sub committee on hurricane sandy on capitol hill expressing sadness and disbelief that fema
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denied the state's request for individual assistance for the residents on the shore affected by superstorm sandy. another senator pointed out that the state was spared from the scene that happened to the north locations still received 30 inches of snow and some counties were destroyed by flooding. >> you are suffering as any part or any community of this storm with homes that are not hasn'table. >> they have pledged to appeal the denial democratic state senator of the 38th district has expressed outrage saying "i cannot remember a public policy decision that more deeply agrieved me than the denial of individual assistance to somerset family, homes, and businesses. as one of the maryland's poorest counties and hit hardest they
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need the help that these funds will provide." fema will still provide funds to the state that can be used to repair public structures such as roads and buildings. back on capitol hill the director seem fod be open to giving the eastern shore a closer look. >> i sometimes struggle with when we say no because it is not easy. it doesn't mean we're not going to work with the governor and see what we can do. >> maryland has 30 days to file the appeal and those in affected counties are being urged to locate local merge managers there is a hot line for those who have questions and need help. we'll provide the number on our website, i'm low wall mesler, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we're following late breaking
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develops involving a vacant seat in the house of delegates. a judge has ruled against tiveny alston and greg hall. alston cannot regain her seat following her removal following a misconduct conviction. the governor who makes the appointment had asked to withdraw hall's name after details emerged about drug and gun charges in hall's past. you can read the entire ruling on and click on politics. >> now to washington. more tough words from the president and republican leaders over the fiscal cliff. as both sides dig in their heels the government is preparing for a worst-case scenario. >> pentagon and other federal agencies are beginning the process for preparing for deep spending cuts.
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with 27 days to go fiscal friday worked. >> we can't negotiate with ourselves. >> house republican leaders called for a sit-down with president obama and blasted him for turning down their deal. >> he put an offer on if table and he has rejected it. where are the specifics? where are the discussions? >> the president pointed the finger right back. >> nobody wants to get this done more than me. >> telling business leaders that if they use the fiscal cliff to wage a deal they have another thing coming. >> it is a bad strategy for america and it is not a gamely play. >> the stalemate comes as both parties remain at odds on whether to raise taxes on the welty and how deep to cut entitlement programs like social security and medicare. >> just because we're at a stalemate doesn't mean we won't
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get to a deal. >> they explain that grand standing is part of the play book. >> they will use every day between christmas and new years to push back and forth to have each side air their grievances. >> lawmakers left town for a long weekend. except -- >>i will be here and will be available to sit down with the president. >> the white house did not say when the president will sit down with speaker boehner but we know that the president will hit the road to make his case on the fiscal cliff in detroit. >> the sheriff's office is trying to figure out what caused a vehicle to veer you have a the road and down an embankment. we were above the scene along winters run road just along singers run road. they had to free the 21-year-old male driver.
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rescuers used a hook and ladder truck to hoist the man from the rescreen and back on the road. no word on that man's condition. and a 32-year-old woman is out of the hospital and in police custody tonight. >> nicole fitzgerald was accuse of murdering her 2-year-old son and is facing a long list of charges. >> according to a court document the initial call was for a child who wasn't breathing. investigators found nicole fitzgerald on the floor lying next to her son. when police arrived they discovered the body of a 2-year-old boy. he had cuts and stab wounds to the front of his neck. >> when officers arrived at the scene they met with paramedics a the scene who pronounced the 2-year-old baby boy dead at the scenepy they have determined
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this is a hods. the child's mother was taken into custody as a person of interest. she did sustain some self-inflicted stab wounds to her upper body. >> the mother is in central booking. she is charged with first and second-degree murder. she too has a cut to her throat. >> detectives served the warrant on 32-year-old nicole fitzgerald charging her with the murdser of her son. >> the child, paris russell was found in the basement of the home pep when they asked fitzgerald about what happened she replied she killed her baby and tried to kill herself. the child's body was foumeds sunday just before noon. according to the court document fitzgerald told the paramedic she killed the child the night before. police are trying to determine a motive. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police have been pounding on
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doors trying to track down violent offenders trying to drive down the spike in vie lents crimes. they are focused on taking down known offenders you have a the street. about 300 people have been taken into the custody in the past eight days. baltimore has 204 homicides this year. last time there was only 186. >> there is more to come. >> from the mindses of baltimore county high school students we'll find out what they asked the school's superintendent. >> ray lewis back on the practice field with the absence of suggs has just as much concern. >> falling temperatures after a cold front moves through. we'll see how chilly it gets plus the seven-day forecast is coming up.
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wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. continues in a moment.
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>> in tonight's education alert a group of high school students
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got a chance to question the new school's superintendent. it was the first of two houn hall meets to give students to have a voice in the running of their school district. tim, i would guess these kids really enjoyed it. he seems like a cool guy, he's young and on twitter. >> they were concerned of the minds of some people that's why he used a familiar format. this comes after six months on the job. the town hall meeting was held inside the chesapeake high school media center. 60 students from a dozen of area schools they had plenty of questions from lunch menus to longer school days to what is being taught in the classrooms. >> what is your intention as far as improvement academic-wise? >> one of the good things about
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baltimore's public school we're known as a good school system. the question for us now is how to make a good school system to a great school sim. >> he also took questions about bullying and school safety. >> if we pull a weapon you have a a student because a student overheard something or if they are trying to hear something they share it with us. >> all the questions were unscripted. >> if you are worried about what a student is going to ask you you are not going your job. i want to hear from the students, i want to hear the real issues. >> it was my first time meeting him even though he did not answer my questions i feel like a lot of questions were answered. >> the superintendent's goal was to try to build trust with students. >> i thought he was down to earth and i thought he really listened to what we were saying. it was a way for students to see what the superintendent does. i don't think we see that all
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the time. >> a piece of advice he told them to think twice before they put personal information on social media. >> now your forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> every since the cold front went through temperatures are slowly falling and big changes occur especially to our north. it is going to be chilly the next few days. down to the great lakes and down wind of lake ontario we were setting records highs in the 70's and now they are dealing with snow. syracuse was at 70 yeand now today they are in the 30's and snowing. if high temperature occurred before done. 64 degrees between midnight and
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1:00 a.m. it is going to get chillier before midnight so we'll keep lowering this number here. as the cool air continues to come in. these are avenue gs 39 and 41. so typically this time of year we see a temperature below freezing. look at this chilly air mass coming out of canada. temperatures have dropped to freezing or below. freezing in oakland at this hour. that is where the air is coming from. we're in for a cold overnight, 25 by morning. 35 in downtown baltimore. the good news the winds that have been strong will gradually diminish to less than 10 miles an hour. high pressure north of the lakes delivering the cold shot of air and it will clear the skies out. then a warm front approaches on friday. it will bring clouds and maybe a shower. during the weekend we'll get on the milder side of the front.
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we have clear skies from ocean skit to oakland. it will be chilly with the temperatures a little below normal. scattered rain showers break out on friday. as we get into the warmer part of the system we'll have clouds, showers, tempts above normal but a little unset 8ed saturday and sunday. light winds and the winds will die down averaging to 5 to 10 knottings. in western maryland temperatures will be cool and the warm front moves across the mountains sending temperatures from the 30's into the mid 40's. on the eastern shore the same pattern as the warm front lifts through on friday and temperatures over the weekend will get into the 60's. 49 at ocean city tomorrow. sunny to partly cloudy tomorrow and fit enwarmer over the weekend.
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there is a couple of days that the temperatures feel like december and then the warm front sends us to 57 on saturday. a shower or thunderstorm on monday. cool temperatures on tuesday and wednesday. >> ray lewis has done things the that no one thought possible in his career. returning from a serious arm injury it looks like the feet is in his favor he returned to the practice field after suffering a torn tricep muscle against the dallas cowboys. back in uniform and back on the field but he will not play on sunday. he could be in the line-up against the broncos at home. the ravens have not put a timeline on his projected return to the game day lineup.
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"i made some progress and i will practice some day. we're playing the redskins sunday and i'm not eligible to play. if i can help prepare my team for that game i will. when i play the game i will say more then." >> it is ray lewis. how much does it mean? everyone knows how much it means if it adds up in the long return we don't know that yet. we'll see but having him here is a plus for all of us. >> the linebacker did not practice today. his status for sunday remains uncertain. suggser to his right bicep muscle last sunday against the steelers. like ray lewis he remainsed ament that this will not sideline him for the rest of the season. he beat the odds after coming back from a torn tenen he won't
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rule out returning as early as this sunday. >> we have to see how it goes. you know me and we kind of live by the, if you can breathe, you can play. we have to check it out and we have to see how it holds up throughout the week. >> i see a bumper sticker coming, if you can breathe you can play. today the orioles made sure he did not become a one and done oriole. they signed him to a new one-year deal. the former pirate has seven home runs after being called up from the minors in the second half of last season. it has proven -- he after all led the orioles the past postseason. in case you like to keep track
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of these things, spring training begins in 69 days. >> that all? >> 69 days. when they are beginning there, we'll be freezing here. >> we'll take a look at the seven day when we come back.
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>> here's a look at what we're working for 11:00 news tonight. gunfire inside the emergency room. we'll have the latest on a police-involved shooting at the hospital. those stories
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>> it has been cool the past couple of days. >> yeah, it is getting progressively cooler. 45 for the high. that was a change from 70 yesterday. a warm front moves through the area and gets us close to the 60's through the weekend and on 60 on monday. windy and chilly weather for tuesday and wednesday. >> getting colder in time for the tree lighting tomorrow night. >> you want it to be ice cold. >> good night everybody nbc
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"nightly news" is next. "nightly news" is next. >> have a
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